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J.Parker CRSF burner is nozzle-mixing gas firing burner, modular designed suitable for versatile process heating applications, include direct and indirect heating applications. Variety layout, fit for kinds furnace, oven, and dryer. Contact J.Parker to get more info about your specific applications.


● High capacity upto 700kw/module(750px)

●  High turndown ratio upto 25:1

●  Great temperature distribution

●  Low NOx emission under 50mg/Nm3 @3% O2

●  Works stable for tough ambient, high moisture, low O2, inert air flow, cross velocity of process air

●  Acceptable preheated comb air upto 200℃

●  Max downstream process temp 650℃

●   Max accepted recycle air temp 400℃


■  Spray tower for Lithium material

■  Grain dryer

■  Gypsum and board dryer

■  Print dryer

■  Chemical power dryer

■  Milk powder, starch powder dryer


3 units CRSF burners + DN50 fuel train system + temperature control cabinet for sauce material drying

2 units CRSF burner(1500kw) + DN40 fuel train + temperature control system for silica drying

2 units CRSF burner(1400kw) + fuel train system + control cabinet for medicine powder drying in 2019