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J.Parker AHLE series is gas firing, nozzle mixed line burner, module design, easy to configure for kinds ovens, dryers. designed for direct-fired make-up air and process applications


●  300kw/unit

●  Turndown ratio upto 30:1

●  Short flame design, 450mm

●  Low CO and NOx emission

●  Max downstream temperature 535℃

●  Max temperature rising 400℃

●  Max recycle process air temperature 315℃


■  Humidity controlled for AHU (Air Handling Unit)

■  Fresh air heating

■  Spray drying

■  Typical make-up air

■  Grain drying

■  Chemical powder drying

■  Oven heating


3 units AHLE burner+ DN50 fuel train system + control cabinet installation for lithium material drying in 2020

30 units AHLE burner in operation for AHU in auto painting line, installed in 2019

5 units SS AHLE burner + DN65 fuel train system + temperature control system in flash dryer in 2016

4 unit AHLE burner + DN 50 fuel train system + temperature control system in spray dryer, installed in 2017